CONSOLE: New Kingdom - Silverglade

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Silverglade has appeared!

New Kingdom: Silverglade

With the release of Silverglade, 7 new troops have been added to chests:

  • Silver Drakon (common)
  • Swordmaster (rare)
  • Elven Bard (rare)
  • Enchantress (ultra-rare)
  • Unicorn (ultra-rare)
  • Princess Elspeth (epic)
  • Krystenax (legendary)

You may see another troop in the story - she’ll be arriving in our upcoming Silverglade event!

Please note this Kingdom is only releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

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Nice to see a new kingdom.
Any news on Pharos-Ra release on consoles?

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So nothing on Pharos-Ra till the next client update, but you guys should be getting Jotnar next week or soon after.

Thank Sirrian, more free content is always welcome! I’m enjoying the story. That spoilt little bitch is like so like annoying! As someone who has to ensure the word ‘like’ all too regularly it made me chuckle!

And I like totally sympathise if like that’s totally an Australian thing too! Hahahaha

It like totally is!


I ended up getting Krystenax after using 800 glory keys and got Silver Drakon to mythic as well. Super lucky indeed, ha ha!

Easy 5 stars when the event comes along.



Any news on the next client update, then?

It’s a nice update for our brothers at consoles. Way to go @Verdugo, and @Eika… I can’t handle this gif right now… XD


How many gold keys did you open to get Drakon to mythic?

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About 9,500+.


Its too much even for me lol


Wow, either common drop rates are much better on console, or you got absurdly lucky. I don’t think you guys are that far behind on commons. It took me over 20k gold keys on PC/Mobile, which is what I estimated ahead of time.

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Absurdly lucky is correct, man. So much so that this happened to me…


The Unicorn Banner is absolutely fabulous IMO because with 2 Magic Link Troops alongside Green Seer, it allows for team comps that can get Seer ready to cast in a single 3-match of Purple. Sheer insanity.

Here’s just one suggested build:

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does anyone know when the expected event for this kingdom should be? Want Krystanex but would rather target with event keys…

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You should absolutely expect that on Monday. I’ll open event keys on Monday to target Krystenax and will even wait until next Friday (when Jotnar is scheduled) to open my glory and gem keys to fill out the rest of the kingdom. Gold keys I’ll open tonight when I get home to get the new common and rares.

If the Silverglade event is coming up in a few days, I better save up on event keys so I can have an attempt to get Krystenax.
All my missing legendary (and mythic) troops as of now:
-Shadow Dragon


We should be getting a Glacial Peaks event in the next few weeks (I would guess first week of April) so you can target Borealis, as well. Shadow Dragon needs a Sword’s Edge event, and that won’t come up again for quite a while, probably.

The mythics are tough - I’m missing the same ones as you except for Abynissia.

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