The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Yeah i know, im just wondering what kind of rewards it’s gonna be and if it worth it

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“In case anyone is wondering though, each player in a guild only gets 5 attacks per day in the war”

I couldn’t be less interested in this update unless the rewards are decent/interesting. Limiting a player to ONLY 5 attacks per day is terrible.

Yeah but if it was not limited you would have to choose between pvp or guild war

Also are you at home? I think you are ps4 player? Just want to know if your event is reseted cause xbox didin’t reset

That’s why I put an emphasis on the word only, man. Being limited to 5 is so low that I can’t take seriously I’m afraid. I’d feel better if it was limited to 25 or 30.

I’m on the PS4, yes. No reset for me, too, man.

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Tasks reset but my seals are still maxed from last week!

Sorry about the orientation

Also no rewards from the tasks completed so far.

100k in, not on the roster

For all current updates on the console weekly reset issues please go here:

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Thanks Nim

Bets are off, what troop we going to get on console?

And I already have leonis at 5 stars and two troops won’t get me to 7 :frowning:

I mean, you can technically get to 7 stars now though. If you don’t have the resources that’s one thing, but it’s now possible to get up to 7 which is nice.

You’re right and I did lol

Updated for this week’s events. Bonnie Rose and Mimic should be in chests now.

If you looking for a nice leonis team for the event i tried this and it was fun to play

Desert mantis
Wonating monk

People who don’t like korvash will really hate him this week lol 31 true damage

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Snowy owl now avalaible?

What makes you say that?