The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


I haven’t put much thought into Jotnar. Defence isn’t really my style, so I don’t think I’d use him much if I got him, but I’m using Wulfy and Gard more than I thought, so I’ll keep an open mind.


Jotnar is fun. Although I would suggest using him with Humility and Jarl


Same here. I think I’d rather get jotnar


Although I do still need to farm souls I don’t mind because of the arcanes I pick up.


I usually combine soul and Stone farming using my TDS team. It clears explores as fast as anything I’ve tried, and I can get 100+ souls per battle even on normal. That seems like a good compromise to me.


I have my 385 per battle soul team which is done on warlord 4 for extra seals and then my fast explore team for the snotstones /stone farming sessions. I realise I could probably do two explores on normal difficulty in the time it takes to do one on warlord 4 but I am special!


For anyone that didn’t see it over in the other thread:


Wonder what are the extra troops


If they keep running the events in order, then it would be Glacial Peaks next week. So we might get Ice Golem as a bonus, along with Snow Guardian and Frostling (which were the PC event troops). That’s a total guess, though.

There are only 3 more weeks where PC/Mobile was still getting two troops per week. Aside from any oddballs that they might throw in (like Ice Golem), any bonus troops will actually start to cut into the number of weeks that we are behind.

With that and Silverglade being released we’ll be only about 20 troops behind next Friday.


Is this a “game crashes” issue, or a “You get too much souls” one? Because if it’s giving out too much souls I’m sure most players would be willing to suffer through it :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, as long as the issue isn’t a crashing bug, a lot of people would probably be happy to get Pharos-Ra with a warning that his 3rd trait won’t work right until the next update.

At least then we could work on him and get him ready for when that happens.


You can still get ready for his release by farming the stones you’ll need!


So if everything go well we suppose to get new kingdom and mythic jotnar this week?


I think Silverglade Friday then Jotnar the following week.


Original post updated for this week’s events. Sir Snothelm and Giant Toadstool should be in chests after rollover.


Do you know how many total gold needed to level up kingdom to 10?


122500 I believe


Ty @Graeme you my hero :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :smile: I replied to myself btw because it is saying I am replying to you and not anyone else in this topic lol.


Wow, I just started playing the game again 2 days ago and this is the worst kingdom that could have poped up. I have like 8 legendys 3 are mediocre and the other 5 are jarl. Here I’m getting excited for the next event to get some new troops/legendary and we get jarl’s kingdom…_


New kingdom ‘should’ be released on Friday so isn’t all that bad for us. Yeah, would have better maybe if we got Glacial Peaks this week as per the PC/Mobile event releases but I can live with that myself :slight_smile: