The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)



Isn’t Glacial Peaks already released on Consoles? (edit: yup, I have it unlocked)
Or are you referring to some recently released troops and not the actual kingdom? (snow guardian looks like the only interesting non console troop in glacial peaks to me…)


He’s referring to Silverglade.

However, you won’t be able to target those troops with Event Keys so their addition won’t satisfy the above user’s concerns about being able to target a new legendary.


Unless we plan to have a Silverglade weekly event… :wink:


So i was looking for the new troops we will get tomorow and saw enchant status, what does it make?


I believe an enchanted troop gains two mana every turn.


Yep it sure does


Thanks i was hoping for something more spectacular :slight_smile:


Do you keep the enchant status untill the end of the fight? Or 10% chance to cleanse itself on every turn?


It lasts until the troop casts its spell. So for instance if you get full mana but before you can cast your spell your opponent drains some or all of your mana, you’ll still be enchanted and will still gain 2 mana each turn until you do actually cast your spell, which is nice. I’ve also read that if you’re enchanted and silenced, you still earn your 2 mana per turn even though you can’t get mana from gem matches (though I haven’t actually tested this for myself).


If they release this on Friday and Mondays event is not a new kingdom, total facepalm.


Nimhain all but told us that it will be a Silverglade event this coming week.


Who me? :innocent:


Original post updated for Silverglade release. And I’m flattered that Nimhain reads these posts even when I don’t tag her…


Catched everything except the epic
I guess i got no choice to do the story mode now :slight_smile:


Since they are releasing a new mythic next week, I’m going to open gold chests tonight, event keys on Monday (to get Krystenax) and wait until next Friday to open gem and glory keys to catch anything else. My war chest is dwindling, so I need to be as efficient as possible when they release new things this close together.


Anyone know what is the maximum point allowed in pvp? Cause i keep seeing people with 60,8 point average and my average is only 42 and people are over level 1000 like me

The bigger i got was 54 points so how someone can get 60 points every damn fight?

If you check #2 he is level 1030, he got less fight then me #4 , more invasion lost, more def lost and less defense win, but got 9k more points then me

This is why people are worried about GW. Can anyone explain?

I really don’t know. The highest I ever see is about 55 points per battle (I’m level 960). This morning, my wife, who is level 660 did a 3-trophy PVP against a 9600 opponent (around the highest that I have seen) and she got 54 points. If she isn’t getting 60+ points for that, then I don’t know how a level 1030 possibly could. I don’t see any problems with your math, so I don’t know what is going on.


I regularly get 60+ battles. It maybe due to my level (I’m level 248) It could also be that I have a 4 man defense troop (all are snotstone troops still)


Regulary mean every fight? And in this case he is level 1030 and no snotstone troops


We expect that the bigger the differential between the invading and defending player, the larger the maximum points, but I don’t think they ever told us exactly how the formula works. I’d expect you, at level 248 to get more points than Ricky (at level 1133) for beating the same team, but we don’t know how many more points to expect. How a player at 1030 could get that many more points than Ricky, I can’t explain.

@Rickygervais: other things that might come into play are guild bonuses - is #2 in a lower ranked guild maybe (and therefore not getting guild bonuses)? I can’t think of anything else that might influence the point spread.