The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


I don’t know maybe getting 60 sometime but now his average is 60 so that mean he also can get more then 60, personaly i never saw 60 point even when i was lower rank and solo guild


My highest ranked pvp teams are 9680 points but I’ve actually got no idea what this equates to.


Not regularly as in everytime. Sometimes I’ve gotten 30 point fights. Basically when the team has more power than my defend I get more points


I get a spread of around 40 to 55 on 3-trophy fights, but sometimes as little as 33 or 35. I don’t think it matters what defend team I use. Sometimes I put something brutal up, sometimes I put up a joke team and sometimes just a single troop. It doesn’t seem to affect the upper range of the points that I earn. For the people on Ricky’s leaderboard to be getting as many points as they are, they have to be averaging over 60 per battle for hundreds of battles. I don’t see how that is possible for them at their level, while it might be possible for a really good lower-level player (like you).



  1. I like your old school name blocking method :wink:
  2. I don’t really pay that much attention to the PvP points because I never go for #1 (except the very first week when PvP 2.0 was released on console and I think it was you that beat me). You were putting up a mad number of matches per hour.
  3. Based solely off my memory (I’m on Vacation) I normally get mid 40s for a 3 Trophy match. And low teens for a 1 Trophy. I can’t ever recall 60.
  4. I’m in one of the higher Guilds. Player level 1,000+. I Run a weekly Defend team of based on the Event.



Number 2 also has 142 Invasion Losses based on you screenshot. Don’t you loose points on a failed Invasion? That would push his average win points per battle even higher to compensate for so many losses.

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Yup between 5-10 per invasion lost


Do they still have newspapers in France?


So, if its 5-10 then lets assuming a -7.5 point deduction per loss he/she is averaging 62.81 per victory! I can’t look but what is #2s defense team? Is it out of the ordinary?


We are from canada and this is local newspaper :slight_smile:



All legendary and fully traited


Oh, sorry Ricky - I thought you were French French for some reason. I have a bunch of friends in Quebec and visit Montreal every year for work.


Original post is updated for this week’s events. Silverglade event with the Silvermaiden as event troop, Archdruid as bonus troop and, as a complete surprise, Bugbear added directly to chests. Desert Mantis and Wandering Monk should also hit chests after rollover.

With that, we are only 19 troops behind, with Jotnar Stormshield expected this Friday. By releasing the last two weeks’ PC/Mobile troops, we also catch up by two full weeks (from 12 weeks behind to 10).


Wouhoo we start to see the light!!!


Guess I should have waited a bit. I just opened 13,000- 15,000 Gold Chests oh well.


Don’t worry, it should only take about 5 months to recoup those from guild tasks! I’m down to about 200 myself, so I may have to have a little patience with Bugbear.


@Stan, Yep, got back from my trip. Fired up Gems after putting stuff away and started a Gold chest opening marathon. I still have 3.3k in reserve - only because I needed to stop and help make dinner :wink:


In case you didin’t see it @Stan


You beat me! I was just about to post this here.


Really? Because Sirrian kinda of hinted that because of the delay between xbox/ps4 new content vs mobile/steam that wasn’t happening.