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The Guild of Thieves

Updated sunday 30th october 2016

243 000 Trophies - Rank 1 in the league

My gamertag: Truxton74

I am looking for a Guild, I’m level 116, all masteries above 30, usually do about 30 - 50 trophies a wee and 100,000 gold. invite code KATERN_VHLK.

Thanxs to the people joining the guild from this thread. Guild now 29 members!

Looking new gild-i have more then 1000 trophies

Any requirements weekly?

3 rooms actually free in the guild! Not happened since a long time.
Feel free to message me if interested on my gamertag. gt: Truxton74

I sent ya an xbox message Truxton. Looking to drop from my mostly dead guild. I’m Tyrannical in game and sent you my invite code too. Fought you a few times in pvp…

Soon to be #2. Good job guys. Hate to see my team fall to #3, but hopefully it will put a fire under them.

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Truxton is an awesome guild master too BTW…

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I am lvl 1000 . All kingdoms 5 star. Donate 2000+ trophies and 3,000,000 mil gold per week.
Be happy to joun your guild !
Just send me my free X-Box One and i will bright there :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome rage. I see you’re doing great so far.
Buy that $50 death knight armor if you’re in the mood to spend, it’s a great deal.


on vacation for a week.

Ill make up the trophies next saturday.


We have cake

Ty bro I bought it :slight_smile:

The cake isn’t a lie. I swearrrrrrrr.


inv meh ^^

may I ask how loyalty can be a thing in this current guild system? isn’t it just spending gold non stop and that’s it?
saurus hope you find a guild that fits you and truxton you’ll find someone too :slight_smile:

Is it just me or are there only a few xbox player in this forum?

Yes he got replaced 1h later, thank you. About guilds, each guild is free to ask requirements or not and each player is free to join or not…couldnt be more simple.

I can’t speak for the other 28, but I’m perfectly happy. And lucky to be in the guild because you won’t find a better one.

Hell of a job guys. Just checked the leader board (mainly to make sure 4th place wasn’t catching up) and saw you guys are getting VERY close to first. GO GET EM!!!