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Looking for active guild before update XBOX

Hi. My lvl is 730 and I play a lot. 500-1000 trophier per week.
21 5 stars and 3 4 stars :+1:
If I cant find a guild anymore, I will stop playing.
I know I changed often guilds, but wanted to find the best for me :slightly_smiling_face:

N i K0

I wish you luck with that Niko.

thx who are you ingame?


oh cool, we were in the same guild :laughing: Well I was in every guild :smiley:


Please read this, its constructive criticism.

You are a phenomenal player, and everyone knows that. HOWEVER, top guilds are almost always full. We even had to create a 2nd “sister” guild to stage players waiting to join.

Removing an exiting player for someone everyone knows is going to spend 2-3 days in the guild then quit is a hassle for top guilds. Work on increasing your time spent in one guild to 2-3 months.

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Yup, I rember you and I see you all the time in pvp.

I hate playing against old team mates. most of the time I get thieves or birch as three troph

Well as I recall you suddenly quit thieves and joined some Deutch guild taking someone with you.

No he wanted to leave the guild and then I joined his new guild, but it wasnt fun.

Well, that was your mistake. Being in thieves is an honor and a privilege. No other guild comes close, and we’re just about to double dark heavens trophy count.

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I know that it is a nice team and that it was a mistake to leave. The game became so boring now. But cant change what I did unfortunally.

thx for your advice bro :+1:

My guild would be happy to have you, but currently full. TrueAchievementElite, #10 guild, shouldn’t be long before we get to #4. If you’re interested we can add you to the waiting list (I think there is only 1 person ahead of you), if so you should create an account and post here:


still looking :laughing:

we are rank 14 and we don’t have any seriously strict requirements if you would like a temporary home at least. PM me your invite if you are interested.

I wish you a lot of fun playing the game, cuz I quit. It is no fun anymore. Everybody is blaming me for changing my guild often, but now when I want to find a final active guild it doesnt work out at all. It is a shame to throw away a lvl 730 account, but yeah.

stop being a child :slight_smile:
if U like the game play it if not just stop.
i told You once that thieves are the best place for U, remember… (but not because it is a honor and privillege of course).
I wish You luck as always

I dont get ur comment… I wrote that I dont have fun without a decent guild and wrote that I wouldnt play as long as I didnt find one :+1:

yes, and then i told You that there is only one guild that can fulfill Your expectations and i talked about thieves guild. i think they all doing hard work and contributing hard as well…
So thieves or nothing for You in my opinion… :slight_smile: