Looking to join an active guild!

For the past week or so I’ve been playing PvP and I really enjoy winning against decent players and good cards. However, I’ve been into two guilds which were both inactive and I was the only one who contribute to the guild and complete tasks, but since no one else contributing it seems pointless to stay in those guilds. I do play everyday but I’m not that hardcore player who guarantee to meet certain requirements but I really like to help and complete tasks which is the main reason I want to join an active guild. I’m level 59 and trying to reach level 100. If there is any active guild that can take a newbie, well here is my invite code : I MiNDTH3G4P I_QHOB. Thank you

Hello, my guild talos would like for you to join. I will send you an invite when i get on later. It should be in about 1-2 hrs of this post. Our only requirement is for you to be active. Edit : while trying to invite you it says your invite code does not exist. Could you contact me on xbox when you can my GT is AtmcBlz. Thank you.