Need somewhat active guildies

I created a open guild so no pressure to be on daily. As long you play and help the guild advance you won’t get kicked. The guild so far is a lvl 12 and has 6 members including me but the other 5 haven’t been playing so i NEED new guild members.

Send me a message on the xbox (fireydarkhalo15) with your invite code and I’ll get you in

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If you ever fancy a change of scene were looking for active members, currently ranked 270 called Grizzlies and have 8/30 active members. We are also hoping to be teaming up with a website in the coming weeks to offer rewards to members if that’s something you might consider. My gamer tag is Rosco122 add me if your interested, if not best of luck to you!

Thank you for the offer but I enjoy being the guild master even if I’m alone