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Level 44 Clan Recruiting Active Members Both New & Experienced Are Welcome (XboxOne)

We are currently on the cusp of reaching the top 200, we have done this with just 8 people and in need of some extra players to help us out.

We focus heavily on gold and tasks over trophies so if your lookin to build your deck we are definitely the best choice!

Guild name - Grizzlies
Members - 9/30
Guild rank - 44
League position - 219
League - champion
Trophies - 5567
Daily bonus - 100% gold
Bonues (masteries) - water +18, nature +17, fire +17, wind +17, magic +17, earth +17

New or experienced players welcome if interested send me a message via here or to my gamertag EazyBFD

Cheers guys

might want to include what platform this is for @EazyBFD

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Moved to guild recruitment.

Sorry im new to the forum but thanks for pointing that out bud

XboxOne :+1:

np and good luck with guild. Welcome to Forums!!

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Hi, I am looking for an active guild. My invite code is BEGFOURMERCY_R4ZT. Could you please message me before the invite is sent. I am in a random guild that I think I need to leave first. Gamertag is BegFourMercy. Currently level 35 after 4 days.