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We're up to gold league in 3 weeks!

Hey guys, time I updated my post. We have just moved into the gold league after just 3 weeks!! We currently have 8/25 players in the guild and in need of some regular players to help out the rest of the guys already here. Promotions are earned if you play enough even top guys can be moved round depending how they do.

New or experienced players are welcome, play time is key! Great guild for building decks as focus heavily on gold and tasks (earned 200,000+gold this week)

Very active guild! So if your interested please Let me know!
Guild - Grizzlies
Gamer tag - Rosco122
League - Gold I
Rank - 390 at time of post)
Bonuses - water +5, nature +5, fire +5, wind +5, magic +5 & earth +5


I saw you on the list I think. We are rank 400 something. You guys should disband and come join us :smile: I have donated over 400 trophies in about a week. It’s legit. Happy Holidays! :smile:

Cheers happy Christmas to you too!
Know the feeling! It is hard work doing it alone, but although were a relatively small guild everyone currently in it contributes quite a bit so I’m good for now, cheers :slight_smile: just could do with a few more people! Shame it’s not easier recruiting on the game it’s self but hey.

I’m not alone, we have 9/22…people have just joined in the last couple days :smile:

If I ever get to many people I’ll send them your way!

Hehe sounds good!

here u go :slight_smile: when u ll get tired or u see the power gap with your bears rosco, join us. as u see we play fair :slight_smile:

Let’s keep this convo about my guild yeah?
Don’t mind if you send me private messages and will gladly pass your name on

Still have a few slots left, relaxed guild with some great players! Just looking for numbers, focuses hard on gold so if your looking to make your deck stronger do well to find a better guild to join!

How many people have you managed to get now?

10/19 at them moment shame as 7 of us have played loads last few days wont be long before were up there challenging, be even faster if a few more joined :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe ya, I feel ya. Just gauging if any other guilds are able to pick up people in the game. So far it seems like, no. We had another guild disband and join us because no one would join theirs either. Thanks :smile:

To many teams on here it seems and only the very top guilds seem to pick up players, least we have some good players just annoying knowing it would be so much easier if just a few more join. If you get to many be good if you send them our way :stuck_out_tongue: i will add you on Xbox live if you send me your gamer tag, mines Rosco122

Ya, we have 10/23 now, ranked around 440. It’s tough man. My gamertag is chemist Rx…I’ll add you as well.

What kind of numbers your top players getting…just wondered in a purely competitive manner.

I have been donating around 40-70 thousand gold a week and around 100-200 trophies others have been around 20-40k bracket each week and anywhere between 50-100 trophies.
There’s about 7 of of us that hit it hard rest chip in where they can!
If you want to improve your team we are the ones to join focus heavily on gold but move up ranking as well. 600 after 2 weeks of being active shows we do!

Cheers, just kinda wanted to get a feel for the level myself and a few others were playing.

That’s fine if you need a team, always welcome!

Mate, are you playing to see where you can take your guild?

I can respect that but those numbers are my guilds mid level players…I think you and ladysapphira should join forces…imagine the boost to both sets of players.

I know Ladysapphira wants top 10 action and putting both together makes sense…I know everyone thinks they can make their guild the best but any old joe can create, it takes compromise and forethought to even make to 50…

Wish you the best of luck…Just so you know on a purely competitive note…our top 3 players equal all of your hit it hard guys …I know a dude that got 340 trophys and put in 270,000 gold last week and he only played 5 days due to xmas. (have ss proof)

Dont get me wrong a fully contributing guild with average numbers can do well but best bet is small guilds joining forces :slightly_smiling:

We will see, be surprised how far determination gets you!