DESPERATE for new players! PLATINUM League! Any level welcome!

Please no spam!
We have recently teamed up with big bear, which means this guild will be linked to a website which will offer good communication and the possibility of prizes on a later dat.
We’re a friendly guild who have rose fast and have good communication. Looking for new or experienced players to chip in.
No requirement for gold or trophies as long as you are active and contribute a bit each week we will do the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

Guild name - Grizzlies
Daily bonus - 50% gold
League - Platinum III
Guild level - 22
Members - 9/30
Rank - 290
Bonuses - water +8, nature +9, fire +8, wind +9, magic +8, earth +8

If interested get in touch on here or by my xbox live gamer tag - Rosco122

two new additions this week have done well! We’re still one of the lowest populated guilds around our league position and in need of new players. Group we have are very active over 600 trophies this week alone, friendly guild with good communication, as always post if interested!

Are there any free players out there?

Up to 9/30 now, officer spaces filled, rest still open to new people wanting to join!