VHgaminghub.com is Recuriting any level player level 13 guild,will consider a guild merging with us

Hey there! I created my guild and spent tons of gold leveling it but Its time to get new members! Step in as a founding member. we are 1/22 right now. As you can guess our guild name is also the name of a website that will support our gaming. (we will have contests that pass out xbox dollars for use in game) We have around 110 trophies so we need active players!

Vhgaminghub.com the website is mainly a charity website for gamers, all profit made there goes to helping other gamers in some way. We will be opening a Forum on the website for our guild so we can stay in touch easily.

My xbox gamertag is DragonsBearx my in game name is BigBear. Signing up for the websites forum is a requirement for officers so that I can stay in touch with them, all my officer postions are open!

Bottom line, come join the family! We are relaxed and only ask that you contribute once in a while and try to bring in some trophies so we can rank up!

There must be someone out there looking to bring a new guild into the top rankings!

There’s loads of us trying to make our guilds good but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many available players out there. Think most people click on first guild that comes up in the list and sticks with them throughout. Hope you find some players though!

The guild im in has only 3 players we are ranked at 378 on the leaderboard looking for new recruits on xbox one is a pain. I have my own i just started on mobile and i have more guild members in that

We will see. I am a bit of a Whale so my guild will keep growing in level quickly. I just need members for trophies and we could get to the top 20 pretty easy. I would be willing to merge a guild into mine if anyone is intrested. I have 21 spaces.

Done well if you have that many spaces with just you hitting! We have 8/30 at the moment and ranked 300 in platinum league but recruiting is tough! My gamer tag is Rosco122 feel free to add mestrong text

very hard tio find people. It is 3 week that i’m here for my guild (260 rank, 10/30 members) and nobody come.
Good luck.

I dont intend to give up. All it takes are a few people to join and we will start sky rocketing. Not to mention www.vhgaminghub.com is also a platform to help players as a whole as well as earn xbox cash to buy stuff in gems. Not many guilds can offer that.

To bring some new players into the guild, once we hit 10 players we will have a contest for a 50 dollar gamestop gift card or another prize of the same value chosen by the players. this means 10 NEW players so we need to be 11 players total. I will not be eligible to win this prize.

Still searching! Come on guys give it a chance!

We’re a level 22 guild in platinum league currently 8/30 members if you guys wanted to merge with us? If not good luck to you, hope you find some people :slightly_smiling:

Sorry I have already invested far to much into this guild. It is also tied to the website. If I where to join another guild I would need to be at least second in command and we would need to use the website and work through it to stay in touch, hold contests and the like.

I have contact with half the members through gamer tags, sure I could get rest by changing the announcement on activity page. You are more than welcome to run things I would promote you to highest rank I can in the guild system if you were interested. My gamer tag is Rosco122 have a think about it

I’m off out now but will be online tomorrow morning!

I thank you for the offer Rossco. However I have invested several hundred K gold into this guild. So I want to see players join up with me, or a guild merge with me, If all else fails I will consider your offer first.

Shame! But not to worry! Best of luck too you!

thank you. We are still looking for players. I have yet to have anyone join. This means that I am looking for Officers as well as normal players. I do not wish to give up on this guild. we are now 1/23 with around 125 trophies. This was all done just by me. I alone add 30K gold to the guild a week or so.

You can help decide the direction we grow in, enjoy the benefits of being backed by a good website that will host contests. With so few people able to be in a guild, it will not be hard to win contests! Some will be truly random, some based on work, to ensure everyone gets a chance to win!

Sadly it looks as if no one is going to join up. Therefore I will be disbanding my guild and looking for a place where I can achieve my same goals as a co-leader in another guild.

Look forward to having you here!

Wanna join up with my guild big bear