Looking for casual guild to join

the guild i was in changed leadership and is now requiring an insane amount of trophies even though we were getting tasks done just fine before. the guild i joined after being kicked for lack of trophies has now gone dark and only does a few tasks per a week. i don’t care about getting all of the rewards each week, just would be nice to have an active guild that gets atleast halfway. i play this game casually, getting to tier 1 (1900 points) in pvp usually, but not every week and i get around 300 seals a week.

In short: im an “active player” but not a “get 10k points in pvp” kind of active player.

if your a casual, but active guild, my invite code is: SHADOW_102

Hello, I invited you to my guild Talos. We get around half of the tasks per week and we don’t really care about trophy’s. I hope that you will join us.