Active player looking for an active guild

Hi I just started playing this game, and am a level 54 player (probably higher when you read this) and looking for an active guild on xbone (or ps4?)
Level 1 PVP, with a couple of legendaries. Win percentage 98% pvp, able to contribute a load of trophies every day. Also able to contribute gold on a regular basis to guild goals.

invite code: bluh (didn’t know this couldn’t be changed later :smile:)

Hey @absane! I’m on Xbox One and I have a guild (Hipfire Heroes) that’s already in the top 700 with only 2 active members including myself so far. We are both rank 1 in PVP and levels 32 and 34. We contribute gold often and are looking to add more active members to the guild.

I tried using your invite code, but it said you were already in a guild so I couldn’t send it. If you have already found a guild that’s good too :grin: . If not just let me know!

Thanks @Feegert, I have just joined another guild, currently ranked 21.