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Actively searching for guild

I’ve been in a few guilds, but none where all members actively participate daily to grow the guild. My current guild a few players have moved from 4500 to 2900 in about a month, but with little support. I’m looking for a group of daily consistent players who communicate and attack all the weekly events as a group. I’m the most active player in my guild, Lvl 225, 1500s, 50k, 100 + tr per week. Still leveling kingdoms. Only interested in highly active guilds that want to grow and dont keep deadbeats on the roster. Invite code RAPTORZRAGE_6N4S

My guild, mousey, is very active. Members are required to participate in the weekly guild events. We are rank 153, bracket 8, and we gat over 20k seals per week. Let me know if you’re still looking & interested in joining us.

Thx but already joined one!