Active player looking for high ranking guild

Here’s what I can do weekly.
500k gold, max seals, guild wars.
Level 220
Looking for a guild that completes all tasks and is in bracket 1-3

Have you found a guild yet?

Not yet. Hoping to by this sunday.

My guild isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but we are very active and we get better each week. Current rank is 142, I believe we are in the 8th bracket in guild wars. We just merged with another active guild so we have picked up a number of good players. Trying to fill a couple final spots with more active and good players. If you’re interested, would love to have ya

Also, our weekly tasks are almost complete. A few regulars let me know this week they were going to be away for a couple days this week. Life happens…lol. I also just found out we rank in the 32nd bracket in guild wars. Which I’m not sure how that works considering we all pretty much complete them every week. We are active on the chat and try to help and give tips when we can

I’d also be interested in joining, if you have room. I’m a daily player (with rare exceptions) with a decent roster, but still early in the process. Last guild I joined just didn’t have enough active players.

Invite code is DEMARIUS. Let me know. Thanks for considering!

What can you bring to the guild each week, if you don’t mind me askin?

Currently, I’m sitting on 100K gold at level 32, but that’s getting there in only 3 days. So as I grow I can certainly give more. I’m definitely a team player who wants to contribute (as well as share rewards, of course). So, yeah, I’m gonna give as much as I can. But as I’m relatively new, I don’t know enough to commit.

I will certainly consider you then. I have 3 spots to fill with potentials who have already asked me, just waiting to hear back or confirm they want in. If a spot remains open, I will keep you in mind and message you! Keep playin. Level up and kick ass!

Appreciate it. I should also mention I’m also a mature player (48, been gamin’ since the Commodore 64 and days of Pong). So, with all due respect to younger players, my point is, I won’t be flaky. Thanks again for keeping me in mind.

Haha…awesome. I will most definitely keep you in mind then