Recruiting active players "ALIVE BEASTS"

Hello. We are searching active players to join our guild. We are just 22 days created, and from 22k position now in top 2k and going up fast. We all are active more or less, leader is very active 750lvl. Searcing for more people, to lead the way. Who’s with us? Search gamertags
Ma5inys LT

Hey. Still looking for company in guild. We are playing daily, but our guild isn’t big enough for good weekly seals. Searching for good active big requirements. We all have our life’s, so we play as much as we can or like, but we go weekly top seals each and pvp tier 1, trying to donate, but better level up bigger to donate later more

Join another guild you won’t get far as a lower guild. We’re rank 67 & you’re having to get 4000 trophies a week just to stay in position. It’s futile

Thanks for your advice, but we ain’t backing up now. It’s good to know that leader is active and control things well. I know that going up is hard, aspacially when there isn’t a lot people, but we try our best. Thanks again for advice