Active, but not highly demanding guild is recruiting -- Check us out!

Mousey guild (I didn’t name it, LOL!), rank 136, bracket 17 in Guild Wars, recently gave some inactive players the boot, so we have room for a few more. Members are expected to contribute gold & seals weekly and participate in Guild Wars, though completing all 6 days is not required. We’re an active guild who expects everyone to chip in for the good of the whole, but we understand you have a life outside the game too, so no very demanding requirements. Post your invite code if you’d like to join us!

Can my partner and I join the guild here are invite codes



We are both daily players needing a better guild our current one is full of inactive players

Sure thing! I just sent the invites.

Ok, it said that the invites were sent, then it said Lost Connection, Try Again. If they didn’t come through, let me know and I’ll resend them.

Hi, I would also like to join. :slight_smile:

Invite code GANNDUL_K6Y9

Ok, invite has been sent.