Active player looking for active guild


Just got done 100% fallout and needed a new outlet. Haven’t stopped playing this game since I’ve started. Avid fan of puzzle quest and magic so this game has been pretty simple. Won about 17 invaded in a row till I lost, been spamming arenas since to get better troops and haven’t lost that yet.

Looking for an active guild preferably under rank 200, so that I may contribute these 1000s of gold I have to something worthwhile. Invite code is Vallx. Xbox GT is Vallx as well so feel free to message me.


Greetings Vallx! Would love to add you to our guild (Hipfire Heroes), we already in the top 700 with only 2 active members so far and contribute often to guild quests.

I tried to add you but it said you’re already in a guild, hopefully you’ve already found a good guild to join. If not just let me know!


If you are still looking let me know #7 overall guild at the moment :slight_smile:


Shiva Kameany guild is rank 275, with 723 trophies. Recruiting active members. If you change your mind, let me know.


I need a active guild, mine I did all the work… had 1200 trophies…


Yep…I have almost 500 trophies in like a week in mine. We have active members though :smile:


Birch team are looking for active members, we are sitting at number 22 on the leader boards, very active folks, we are Diamond 1 , PM me your invite code and I will shoot you a invite.

Also least members in the top 30 and we still shot up 17 spots this week :sunny:


We may still have room in XBLA Fans if you are looking. Top 10 guild very active members.




.Hi, if you want :blush::,you could consider joining’s my Guild Sin of History, also my Gamertag is GANGSTA KILLER7 if you want to talk to me personally and here is my Guild information : Roster- 12/30 Guild level- 23. Trophies-569. League Rank- 1252- Sliver 2. / :smirk: I will understand if you want to stay in your own guild , I am just giving you a option. :video_game:


If any one wants to join the guild im in we are at 364 on the leaderboard currently there is only 3 of us but we are looking for active players to join us. My gt is bloody death669 add me and hopefully we can get some new recruits. Thank you very much and i hope you all have a great night or day


Probably too late! But we’re teaming up with a website this week to give out prizes etc to members, we currently have 8/30 members and looking for people to come join us!