Xbox one player looking for active guild

hey all I play a couple of hours per day and am looking for a guild on xbox one.

I’m interested in an active guild with people who donate weekly. weekly or daily donation requirements are ok. trophy gain requirements also ok with me. I’m level 35 or so and just started playing a week or two ago.

invite code is deke. gamertag: the big deke

feel free to send me a forum message, reply here, or a message on xbox live.

thank you


hey we have a guild of 3 so far and im level 42 and me alone have donated 47000 gold and won 80 trophys alone. If you would like to join the guild is parton the family.

If you are still looking let me know. We are #7 overall on the leaderboards.

That would be great cain. I left my former random guild. Please send invite to invite code DEKE

Add me on XBL if you’d like too.


You have been sent an invite.

If his guild doesn’t work out for you, come join the Shiva Kameany guild! :smile:

Were do you find your invite code on xbox one

I’m presently at work, so can’t access mine it at the moment. But I know it’s on there, maybe under the Hero section? (where you can change your armor, check other hero data/stats, etc.) Try looking in there, or maybe in the guild roster section? … I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at the bottom left of the screen for XB1.

But I’m sure someone here can answer this before I will be getting home, which due to some snow, may be a little later then normal tonight?

Hi thanks for the reply i still cant find it would it be cos im already in a guild that i cant see it

Not a problem. … And no, it shouldn’t make a difference whether you’re already in a guild or not, just to see your own invite code. At least I don’t see why it would? - But I can certainly check when I get home tonight and will let ya know. But that’s at least 5 hours from now, or maybe more if we end up working late.

If nobody has provided you confirmation by then, or if you happen to find it, I will check when I get home and post it here.

Thanks that would be much appreciated and thanks for the quick reply are you still looking for guild members i left a reply on your thread

Sorry, didn’t see that one yet. Been in and out of the office all day today. But sure, if you’re looking for a new guild, be more than happy to have ya. No requirements, but yeah, if someone were to just stop playing outright, I would at least inquire if they were no longer interested, so as to not just hold a spot someone else would enjoy being in.

Also, by chance, my son just called me and you may be right? When I asked him if he knew where the invite code was, he did mention that you might have to leave your guild first, because once he joined the one I started, he thinks it no longer showed his? If this is so, I find that strange. But I will still check when I get home to confirm, and just let me know you’re code and I will send an invite.

Ok cool i will leave my guild and look for my code

Hi the invite code is on the guild page at the bottom you son was right cant see it if in a guild my code is ONIT84_KITG my xbox id is ONIT84 if you would like to add me

Sounds good, and I will send you an invite when I get home tonight. - If you do happen to locate it once you leave the guild, it might be useful to others here if you posted the results. So if anyone else is having similar issues, they will know what to do by reading this.

plus, I’m interested now as well :slight_smile:

EDIT: Haha… You posted back before I could finish. Good to know you got it sorted, and again, will send ya that invite tonight.

Actually, my wife just called and said she just started playing GoW. So I will just get her to send out the invite now while she’s on. Just be a few minutes.

Cool i will go back on and accept thanks

And my xbox user name is onit1984

Ok, she said she just sent it. Just let me know when you get it.
btw, she goes by Kato.

Just accepted now thanks i wont be on tonight as iv been on it all day but i will be on tomorrow