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Looking for a new guild before monday

I’m an extremely active player, level 922, looking to join a different guild that regularly completes all tasks. I can contribute 600k, 1500s, 300t and i do gw. The more i see guildmates chipping in the more i donate. My current guild is good but it doesn’t seem like quite a few are very active, a few contribite a lot but most don’t. I really want to find something before the reset on monday.

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I can highly recommend Mean Machine! Try PM @efh313 if you are interested.


Thanx i’ll do that now. Xbox guild right?

ah sorry I missed the part that ure on xbox.

It’s all good, thanx anyway

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This is the last guild I see posting in the Xbox recruitment area.


We - Siedlerpartie, league rank 103, gw bracket 8 - do complete at least 4 tasks, sometimes all 6 and one or two legendaries. We are also mixed, some contribute a lot, a couple of players don’t.
But all in all we are doing quit well as you can see from rank and guild war bracket.

If you are interested PM me or reply with your invite code. We have one spot open currently.

We have no minimum contributions but we are trying to get everyone to play GW.
All statues 100+, all tasks at to 11 for diamonds envy week.

We be nice to have you join.

Sorry - missed Xbox - we are mobile.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the vote of confidence for MM!

Sorry we can’t help you @VenusBlue, good luck finding that perfect fit!


Thank you!!


your the best. efh313!

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les detestables guild rank 30 and part2 in guid wars you are welcome

Rank 4 gem assassin’s have a spot

We have a spot available for you, we are very active and Rank #20 Darkness Reborn, Currently Guild Wars 1.
You fill our requirements to the tee.
CHEVELLE SS1 if you are interested in joining our guild.

Did you find a new guild? I’m the gm of It Burns When I PVP we are rank 26 all players are active, we communicate daily, have are own club to help our team share ideas. We are in bracket 2 currently for guild wars but bounce between bracket 1 & 2 if you are interested pm me on Xbox my gamer tag is FlamingoFlinger I look forward to hearing from you. :blush: