Looking for casual active guild

Looking for a guild. Casual but play every day. Will contribute. Invite code is RYE IT_GKP8

I will send invite tomorrow if you want. Currently just me, looking to build

I’m looking for the same thing. Did you want to keep yours or join one who’s building?

Keep mine, and build it.

I actually got into a guild. The gm wanted to rebuild with active players and then left. Do you still want to join?

I have a guild I started fresh and was looking for people to join mine. I’m climbing in the ranks quickly and need more people to help contribute to tasks. We are active and I would like to find more to help out

We are 600ish in the ranks. Lvl 40 guild. Join us and being your members

i added bolding, hope someone will pm them and find them a good home :slight_smile:

Started my guild two weeks ago, I’m still only member but active if you’d like to build one up from early on.


Still looking for an active guild?

you gotta ask the player from my quote, not me lol :sweat_smile:

Still tryin to figure out out thisnforum stuff works. I have no idea

@Keeninbeansidhe - are you still interested in finding an active guild?
@MalteseShadow here asks :slight_smile:

there, asked for you, you can also click on him and send a pm (you shoudl be able to find letter icon after clicking him)

Oh cool. Thanks dude. I’ll get the hang of this forum soon. Gems, I’m nailing that. Haha

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Yes, we are still interested in finding a different Guild. We have our son(27 years old) now playing the game with us in our guild. The name you see is the name I use in Game. What is your Guild name? I will look for it tonight.

Thank you,

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@MalteseShadow im summoning you here, since you got the answer, but please reply to the user above me, not to me haha :sweat_smile:

Name of the guild is called Shadowed Knights. If you want to send me your invite code, I can invite you when I get home tonight. My guild is 3 weeks old but already high ranked and still doing really good. A lot of people are contributing and I’m hoping to find more who will. Let me know what’s easier for you

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Maltese Shadow, thank you for the invite to your Guild. I just got this message. I just go on the computer this morning. We will both be leaving our Guild later today. I will be back on the computer tonight 6 pm Central US time. So if you want to message me about the invite code then, I will be on here looking for it.

Is the gems you play for Xbox one or on the computer? I’m east coast so you’re only an hour behind me…lol.

xbone is what we play on.