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LEVEL 1401 Looking for Active Guild of Experienced Players

I have been on an extended semi-break the last two months, but have kept current by being in my own little personal guild to stay on top of getting new released troops and train in events so that I know what is what. But I am out of the drama-loop.

I like the quiet and have gotten use to playing that way. I want a drama-free guild.

My friends have all dispersed to many different guilds or quit all together, so it is hard for me to choose which guild to go to because I am pulled in many directions.

Message me in game with your guild’s name, rank, and requirements. Also mention who the guild leader currently is and any recent drama that might have affected your current roster.

I need to know your guild “philosophy” and agenda ( meaning what is the priority other than meeting requirements: examples are - overtaking guild ranks, winning bracket one guild wars, chasing dooms, being social etc)

I can easily meet any requirements, so my guild decision is based on other factors like what the “vibe” is in the guild.

Following this holiday week, I will have more free time to invest in gemming.

I look forward to the camaraderie of an active guild again because “solo” play is kind of boring. And I do love Gems of War.

You can message me on xbox at “icheewawa”

Happy holidays to you and your family.


I won’t be replying to xbox messages or forum message on here until next week since this is family holiday week of Thanksgiving in USA and I have lots of cooking to do.

I just wanted to get the ball rolling on finding a guild. I want a guild that is active. One where everyone contributes equally. I want a guild where everyone gets along and there is no back-biting or power struggles for control. I want a guild that does not require mixer to play guild wars streamed because I play when I can play during the day and cannot be forced to meet a schedule of other guildmates being online ( I play Eastern Standard Time ). I gem during the day when family is at work and I am in-between creating art.

I would prefer an English-speaking guild although I have friends of all nationalities / languages in here and am adept at using google translator.

I would like a top 10 or higher ranked guild because if I am going to play in a guild then I am going to play all-out to win.

I am in no rush. I want a good fit for me and for that guild.

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It’s ted, I’ll be sending you a message soon hun. Glad to hear from ya, happy holidays.

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Thank you to all with the nice response messages here and on xbox.

I’ll decide Sunday afternoon so your guild can make plans for Monday after the game’s reset and then I can drop out of CHEEs Pizzazz for an invite ( icheewawa_vv9f ) .

I have an idea of what I feel would be a good fit for me at this time. I want an organized guild ( rank or language doesn’t really matter ) . I just don’t want to come in and immediately be hit up for trying to pillage my friends lists to recruit and fill the guild.

I want to play the game with friendly people that enjoy the game. Just be one of the team of all for one and one for all kind of thing.

The one thing that I do not want is for someone to be let go to make room for me so if you have an interest in my joining your guild but won’t have an immediate opening, I can wait if we talk things over and I find your guild is a better fit. I am in no rush to find a home in gems, I am just getting exhausting playing on my own. And I have invested too much time, energy, and real life dough to exit.

Solo play was a great break at first to be able to mess around all day making and creating and trying out team builds to use troops I had let get dusty on their shelves. But it is apparent I am not going to be able to get the exalted achievement without the guild statue boost. That’s become a someday thing and not a priority after me having wasted over 25 million in game gold on hoards.

Priority is enjoying earning trophies ( I love PVP ), playing challenging events alongside guildmates, and having someone to chat to about game strategies.

Looking forward to a great group of guildmates on Monday =^.^=