Xbox One Guild Looking For Active Players To Help Reach The Top Of Leaderboards - New Players Welcomed


Currently are ranked 800 ish on the Xbox One Leaderboards. Looking for active players who want to make a run for # 1. We have 8 members as of now and they are active everyday for the most part - contributing gold and earning trophies. If your interested in a guild that is focused on working together hit me up.

Even if you are new to Gems Of War its all good. I am Lvl 140 - played on 2 of the top 5 teams before deciding to start this guild - I can show / teach anyone the ropes so we can become a stronger guild. Peace


I would love to join your guild! I’m lv. 37 atm and playing daily(really digging it atm). ign = Syreq and gt = MadMan079.


Right on brother, got your message, not in front of my Xbox at the moment… but I will send you an invite to the Guild in a couple hours when I get home.

I’m assuming your invite code is SYREQ, I’ll shoot u another message in a bit once I have sent the actual invite.

Talk to you in a few. Peace


Where do I find my invite code and where do I get it? Not sure if I have one… :stuck_out_tongue:


Invite code is located in the Guild Menu. It should have your name followed by an underscore and then a number like this: NAME_1