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New Player needs active Guild

Hey my Name is Julia. I’m pretty new to Gems of War but I’m looking for a active Guild. I’m level 74 now and play daily. If a active Guild has a spot open I would like to join.

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Good luck to you Julia. We are currently full on developmental players, but that does not mean we will not consider adding you. Do you do guild wars, events, get max seals, earn trophies? How many kingdoms to you have maxed out at 10? All of this info is important to guilds looking for new members.

I see that your already level 74 and you just started playing. To me that sounds like you are for sure an active player. What are you looking for in a guild?

Yeah I played the game for 4 days now and now I’m level 83. Sadly so far I only have 2 Kingdoms maxed and close to the third one. I try to help the guild I’m in atm as good as I can but the guild is mostly dead.

I’m looking for a active Guild with people that help each other with tips etc and also up for some laughs.

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Yeah, I did it again… totally missed that you were Xbox, I withdraw my offer since I am on PC haha

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Wow Julia, I think I could very easily make a case to add you to our rank 82 guild if you would be interested.

Julia, whatever guild you choose should not have you donating any gold until your kingdoms are all at 10. We wouldn’t want you to donate any gold if you were with us. We have an Xbox club and are very active in guild chat. We help out all members with team builds, events, farming teams, and stuff. Most importantly we all love to laugh. Life is to serious to not enjoy playing.

We also would tell you what kingdoms would help you out the most to level up first.

I would love to join the Guild if it would be possible. I have now 3 Kingdoms maxed and I’m level 88

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What is your gamertag? I will add you as a friend when I get home. That way I can invite you to gems Xbox club. Also all members have to go into the club, see what is expected of all members, and agree to the expectations.

I play on my Husband’s account. His Gamertag is TG KinG 3vo

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