New to Gems of war - loving it

New player to the game and loving it. My wife and I play in XboxOne. Looking for an active guild to help and advance with. We are daily players . All tips and comments welcomed

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Maybe i can suggess you to change your topic category for guild recruitment xbox and welcome to GOW

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If you are still looking for a guild! We would welcome you to ours Ready Phi is the name of my guild on Xbox. Send inv code or you can pm me! Mallymall82 is my Xbox gamer tag.

May be Looking to switch. Tell me about your guild

My guild, has room for 3 more, and we’d welcome any active players, regardless of level. We are currently ranked 177 and active in Guild Wars. No set requirements. Contribute what you can, but those who are inactive or don’t contribute are removed (hence our 3 open spots).

Let me know your invite code if you’d like to come check us out!

Hey dee1969, it’s currently 11 members in our guild! But only 3 to 5 of us are active! The few of us that are on grind hard and complete task as much as we can. We compete in gw and currently bracket 86. Basically we want to grow and gain more active players! We would love for u to join up and bring ppl if u have any! I understand if you don’t come but it’s really hard to recruit cause so many ppl wanna join guilds that complete task! Eventually we will get there! Our guild name is Ready Phi. My Xbox got tag is Mallymall82. Pm me if you are still interested.

Mally - If you decide to leave your guild and join a more active one, my guild is rank 177, bracket 18 in Guild Wars. We have room for 3 more and would love to have you! PM me if you’re interested.