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Looking for a TOP guild

Yesterday was a sad day, my guild leader decided to quit the game, my current guild will disband most likely, this has been my 2nd guild ever and I’m looking for a new one now.

Not to sound cocky but idd prefer to be in GW bracket 1/2 I think I have the stats to show for it:

Current level 1430
Income 1306 / hour
Faction Renown 55k
GW Score 55k last round, 50k before that one

I have Zuhl, and enough recourses to craft enraged karandura, but holding off.
Missing two kingdom related mythics, have recourses to craft 1.

I can easily do 1500 throphies a week and 2mil gold shouldn’t be a problem either.

Hope to see some offers comming up, I have the same nickname on xbl if you want to talk.
Thanks for any offers


I’m one of the house elves at Unforgiven

come have a chat with us

we are a 5 guild collective working together and dominating xbox

Also let your friends/guildmates know we have lots of opportunities

Perhaps your guild would prefer to form a guild alliance with Chunky’s Raiders (bracket 5 GW), or another guild family. It always makes me sad to see a guild disband. I can send an envoy to discuss ideas. I sent a msg via gamertag.

Good luck to you and all your guildmates.

Will join in discord later today, I’m at work at the moment. Hope to chat tonight :wave:

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I look forward to it, too, @Faalbaard :smiley:

I’m an Unforgiven admin, too, so depending on timezone I should also be around — see you soon!

Xbox guild.