Looking new ACTIVE members. Going to the top

Hello everyone. I and my good friend left our old one guild becouse of leader inactivity and created our own and we are looking for good, and active players to join. We are donating and everything else.the leader is very active 600lvl, so he is donating all money to it. We are going to the top for sure. So, who with us? Guild ACTIVE BEASTS.
For more info and invite gamertags
Ma5inys LT

Hey man if your guild doesn’t work out holla me up & you can join ours, top 100, friendly bunch. Message on here or message me @ drawntoshaun on the Xbox. Requirements at 150 trophies, 200K gold a week & collect your seals :slight_smile:

Hey. Our last guild was in 160 place,but half of them was inactive and the guild leader was to who could kick inactives

You wouldn’t have that trouble in our guild my friend. They say the grass is greener on the other side & with us it’s absolutely beeming green! We are pushing up that leaderboard. Starting a new guild is fun at first because you fly up the leaderboards but if you change your mind let me know. I’ve still got the stopper in the door for you to climb right on in! :slight_smile:

Neh. I’m fine, thanks. :slight_smile: controlling by yourself is better, even when you know how to do better :slight_smile: