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Fools said I, you do not know, silence like Task Masters grows

guild started July 17th.
Current rank was 9485 now 999
Current trophies-1,974
Current league platinum III
guild level 34
Current masteries- 12-13 all

1 trophy= 1 point
1000 gold =1 point

200 point requirement

If anyone is interested please leave stats (level, previous contributions, kingdom status’) and your invite code.

gt- irish fury187

pretty nice idea irish. i have thought about the same type of guild but noticed that it is much easier for people to put trophies to the guild. Besides if someone is able to put in so much gold it means that he is scoring like crazy… :slight_smile:
anyway i wish You luck with new guild and hoping for quick meeting at the top

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Thank you demo, much appreciated, the best of luck to you and birch team

Nice to see your guild doing so well Irish. Wish you luck!

Lol thanks wolf, now all I need are some members other than myself :joy:. How’s “the biz” coming along??

Not trying to spam I promise, I just forgot to update the op with my last bump.

Yeah what i do Irish is just delete my old posts so it looks like a fresh bump. lol sounds creepy. This is a great guild-mate and guild leader to have folks!

Lol I didn’t know you could delete posts, every time I wanted to I replaced the post with “removed by author” I feel like a dunce. Thanks wolf, you aren’t too bad yourself :wink:

No joy gaining recruits? 200k gold requirement sounds like a great idea

Maybe people are levelling kingdoms still? Ive been trying through with it myself

I’m sure that’s part of it, I still think it’s mostly due to the fact that the competition is much more established than this guild, I think in a week or two when the stats are a bit more appealing recruitment will be a much easier task.

Do you plan on increasing the 200k value if console ever gets pvp 2.0?

That’s definitely a possibility, but I’d have to see where my guild stands with members/activity. If I have 10 members at 2.0 launch and they’re all surpassing the 200k minimum I may raise it, but of course I would also want their input as well.

On the other hand if they’re not blowing 200k out of the water then I probably would be more hesitant to raise it too much.

my goal isn’t to necessarily force people to be more “hardcore” it’s more of wanting to utilize those that already are.

Yeah for a hardcore player that either doesn’t care about maxing kingdoms or already has theirs maxed, 200k isn’t bad. I only have 2 maxed on console and i’m donating 170k-200k weekly as is. This guild is for serious players as it should be. Irishfury187 is a great player and i’m sure a great leader.

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BUMP :slight_smile:


@HKdirewolf @pinoking you guys are too good to me.

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add a melody and we ve got a hit like “Wildin”


Just completed 16 tasks solo, imagine what we could do together!

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when i was fifteen i told the same thing to my girlfriend… :wink:


We’ve just entered the gold league over 1,000,000 gold donated last week from me alone, nothing to lose, but everything to gain by joining.


Wow thats insane^^