Closed Recruitment Thread

No longer applicable

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Guild is full again. Anyone else that is interested can PM here or on the above Gamertag for future reference.

We are ready for offensive but we need two more stable and donating players to reach first 5 next month…

I was going to describe how spectacular it is to be in Birch Bis, where the tasks are slayed and communication is great, but a picture is worth a thousand words…


Want to join. But curious. How yall make 500k gold a week?? Just dumped 200k again into guild and maxed seals and got booted. Thats twice now booted aftet 300k gold this week spent out. Gold lil slow right now for me.

500K is a piece of cake!

With You rojo we will celebrate even faster

PvP, get a good team and plough through the AI.

@rojo luckily we dont have a max, people dont stop at 500k đź–’

I run a dragon soul team. Works pretty nice. Level 100+ now. Still running
alot the kingdoms. Just getting tired of getting dropped from guilds after
maxing out seals and donating a ton of gold.

I can do the seals and few hundred k gold. Cant garauntee 500k off bat each
week. Wife plays and do have kids to tend . But would try best to hit the

It is very competitive for a space in this guild (500k is actually low for most members). It would be great if you could guarantee that you can do 500k, 1500 seals, 300t. You could test it out next week and contact us again if you are still interested?

See what can obtain

Sounds great. If you are currently without a guild we have a new second guild, the idea being that the better players from there get promoted.

How well does it do on seals and task??

Top 25 player, 500k and 1500+ weekly level 384

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Those last 3 guilds went down smoothly, tasted like chicken… well, one was like an old boot.

Next up, top 5!

1 place available for one of the games top players.

Congrats guys on your speedy ascension up the ladder.

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Thank you. How about you, are you still playing less than you were doing?

You’re quite welcome I actually haven’t played in weeks, just get on every Monday to get the new releases and lurk around the forums.

1 space available. Looking for great players only.