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Dragons Quest Rank 20, closed thread

We are a low stress high rank guild for daily players. Our requirements are 200k gold, 1500 seals, whatever trophies you feel like contributing and participation in weekly guild events, Guild Wars, Raids, Invasions. We are looking for one person to join our family. Message me Optimystical 1 on xbox live.

Still need 1.

We are in need of 1 daily player. Message me on xbox live, Optimistical 1.

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Looking for 1 daily player.

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Are you still looking for a player? If you are the same Optimystical I know then you know I’ll be on top of whatever you need me to. Technically I’m a noob, but I’m addicted and not looking for a cure. My GT is HONUSDAN. Hit me up if you still need one.


I am sorry I missed this, we ended up getting filled and I forgot about forum post. Nice to hear from you. I have stepped away from gems a bit, I hope you found a good guild.

No problem. I ended up joining a newer small guild. Everyone participates so I’m sure we’ll grow quickly. I wish you the best of luck.

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NEW REQUIREMRNTS, 1500 seals, 250k gold, 100 trophies, Guild Wars daily, use free sigils in Raids and Invasions. Great guild with low stress environment, join the family.

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Still needing players.

Bump in the night!