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Nothing to see here.. apparently

Hi… Good luck to all… especially fishgina, man I wish your clan was xbox.

nothing to see here >>>

He’s a Xbox player guys :stuck_out_tongue:

bahaha totally missed that, thanks :), glad i was not the only one :slight_smile:

Is this not an xbox thread?



yes, note the person pointing it out couple post before yours :wink:

Hi, I will have an opening after reset in my guild Dragons Quest, currently rank 21. Requirements are 200k gold, 1200 seals, 200 trophies, Guild Wars, Raids, Invasion’s participation but with no minimum score. We finish all tasks plus many legendary tasks. We are family playing gems together, having fun and low stress. If you are interested message me Optimistical 1. Good Luck.

Yes it is!

Hey, I’m def interested in joining after reset. My Xbox gamertag is lllPARZIVALlll my tag in GOW is greybush. Thanks!

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Send me an Xbox message at Wyoming Pixel with your invite code and I can have our GM put you in the last spot we have available. Get you in so that you can set up your guild wars defenses.

Optimystical, I realize that Greybush replied to your invitation after I posted the message. Congrats on the recruit. I was not trying to undercut you.

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It’s all good, thx for invite. I’m in a different guild now. I need to take down forum post. Tried last night but couldn’t figure out how. Good luck w guild.

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