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3 looking for a new guild (XBox)

There are 3 of us looking for a new guild. 2 of us are very active. 1500 seals by Tuesday. We do all events and have no issue generating however much gold is needed. I haven’t seen a req yet we couldn’t hit. At this moment our current levels are 1,018 and 838. The third is my son and I can’t leave him behind. He’s only level 147 and only does about 1,000 seals a week. He’s still building his kingdoms so I prefer he spends his gold there first.

What we’re looking for is Legendary tasks. If you’re close we’ll push you over the edge.
If you have room for all 3 please let me know. My GT is HONUSDAN.

Hey I got spaces in my guild you all three are welcome to join my guild it called alpha dragons just pm your codes at forest 89

We have been in contact with a few guilds, but haven’t made a decision yet. We plan to discuss tonight and make our decision.

I did a quick search and saw the you recruit for Dark Avengers. I want to make sure you know that my son won’t be able to hit the gold req, but I’ll more than make up for it.

We were able to find a guild. Thank you to everyone that messaged me. It’s great to see all the good guilds out there.

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