DRAGONS QUEST, Rank 20, Need 1

Dragons Quest is looking to add players to our family. Our minimums are 200,000 gold, 1500 seals and as many trophies as you can get weekly, daily Guild Wars participation, and participation in the Boss Raid and Invasions with no minimum score requirements. If you are looking for a high ranked guild without top rank guild stress you have found the right place. Come join our family. Contact me, Optimystical 1.

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Bump, updated guild requirements and information. We still have openings.

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please send me invite DAMNITUS_7H9I

you need to leave current guild before I can invite you.

i did it’s just show error on joining. Can i get the invite again please.

I keep trying but it tells me you are in another guild. You have to leave it first.

I’m interested in joining. Invite code is Josf

done i thought i already left my bad

Dagem, might be a couple of days before I can get you in now. Have someone leaving but hasn’t yet and it’s someone I can not kick. That spot is yours if you still want it.

Josf, unfortunately don’t have another spot at the moment but I can keep you in mind for future openings if you like. Message me on xbox live.

can you invite please when it available. I’ll be guidless until then

Will do. Sorry.

Dagem, invite has been sent.

Invite sent.

Will be adding a couple players to our family, if you are interested in joining message me Optimistical 1. Guild requirements 200k gold, 1200 seals, 200 trophies participation in Guild Wars, Raids and Invasions.

Have room for 1 more in our guild, if you are looking for a guild the accomplishes a lot without the stress and drama come join us. Guild requirements are 200k gold, 1200 seals, 200 trophies. Message me here or on xbox live, Optimystical.

Still looking for 1 more, 200k gold, 1200 seals, 200 trophies, weekly event participation with no minimum. Come join our family.

Still have an opening in our awesome guild.

Find your home here. Looking for 1.

Things that go bump in the night.