DRAGONS QUEST, Rank 20, Need 1

SPARK_H3GX is my invite code … i play regularly and a lot … level 252 now … last 3 kingdoms close to lvl 10, should be done next week

Hi, would be glad to have you, tried to send invite but you need to leave old guild first.

please try again … leaving my current guild in 2 minutes

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ready to accept now

Invite sent.

Room for 1 more, come join us.

Dragons Quest Rank 20 is in need of one daily player, requirements are 200k gold, 1500 seals, participation in weekly guild events, Wars, Raids and Invasions with no minimum scores. We are a high ranked guild without the stress. Join our family.

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hello im looking for a guild new player level 106

Harder for new players to make gold donation, can you make the minimum 200k gold and develope your kingdoms? If so I can invite you, would need your invite code and you cannot be in any other guild.