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Found a guild, it won’t let me delete post 😅

I have 5members hoping to find a guild. 3of us can max (or close to max) seals, other 2 can get around 1,000. We can get required trophies if asked(and not an unreasonable amount) and donate all our gold to guild tasks, the two accounts that can get around 1,000 are lower levels wanting to get better cards to do better/become more useful in PVP and whatnot, the 3accounts are fine though and have had our accounts for a couple years, weren’t too active for a bit so not fantastic in levels but have many great cards and good teams. We didn’t bother with guilds until recently although are very active, recently decided with how many seals we have we would like a guild who AT MINIMAL get 20,000seals a week to beable to gamble on the guild chests, as we all can do a few hundred plays and would like the chance of Mythic…
we are all currently in a guild that is overall inactive and would greatly appreciate an active one that as I said, atleast gets to 20,000 seals as a whole, if a 40,000seals club or close to that would like to add us 5though we’d love to try to help to reach 40,000 aswell! In worse case we would ditch out the side account and be a group of 4, though all 5 of us would be preferred.

Back in the day I could have use all five of you in Dark Vengeance. We currently have only one slot open though…

You and your buddies would be good in my guild, but sadly we only get around 11k seals. If you are interested in joining anyway, send a message to my Xbox profile, ArkadeADD1CT.

Welcome to -=GiB=- :rofl: lol

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