Looking for clan...i contribute (ave) 70,000 pw


Hi, I joined a guild right off the bat and have since carried the guild on my back…guild of 4 and I think the leader has stopped playing

I am level 95…by the time you read this maybe 100.

My contributions are averaging 70,000 gold a week and 120+ trophies.

My xbox ID is rashadow
Im 36 years old and will play this game until I die :smile:

Invite code DEREK_6


32 nd place right now. Birch Team. All players active. If You still interested give me a sign.


You know what mate i would…but I got active with a lower level mob and going to get them up…I realize now im a game changer :smile:


with us You can go to the top. At least two people here can compete with You


Anyway You will see that when You rech the 50 th place things wont go so smooth. :slight_smile: Even ten payers giving 10-30 trophies is not enough :slight_smile: choose wisely “game changer” :smile:


truth be told…Im not a kid…I know joining makes sense, im arguing with my moral compass. ( im a game changer strong always on player) and just getting in to it…level 95 in last 28 days…


two guys in my team that get 99 in two weeks. last to guys giving average 30 trophies per day. Today I made 20 trophies on two arenas. i just want to save You frustration. i m not a kid either :smile:


anyway if You check our guild and dont like it You can always back to Your old guild. Belive me they welcome U with open arms :smile:


you got PM