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Looking for an active guild! Tired being OAM

Im so tired of being the only active member in a guild and contributing everything despite everyone benefiting from it.

I need an active guild that thinks the same.

I jump online everyday and contribute daily

hit me up!!

Invite code: HANSA_YQZM

Youd have much better luck if you mentioned how much gold/trophies you contribute each week

I’d direct you to Guild of Gra. I joined recently and my game has really taken a jump up.

HANSA_YQZM does not exist. Maybe I did something wrong.

Robert is right, how much you donate gold/trophies will allow for an invite from a guild that suits you

Task masters- 200,000 gold minimum per week
Birch team bis- 10k and 20 trophies

Hi Jstar25 … I have sent you an invite to JOSHATRON. We are rank 59 and have all masteries leveled to 25+. We are a casual guild, with no requirement other than to remain active and contribute regularly to allow all members to reap the benefits of the task resources.

seems like population of gow players is species threatened with extinction… :wink:

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Hey guys thank you so much for all the replies. My invite code is

I’m not sure how I can check my weekly gold or trophies but I can easily
get 20+ trophies a week

Hey dibbs I didn’t recieve any invite can you send again please

Let me know and I can invite to my guild asap!

Hey direwolf if your clan is active in down. Shoot me an invite when ever

sent. If you have any problems let me know. We’ll make sure you are never the only one donating. :slight_smile: we play often.

Don’t be greedy wolf, feel free to leave some players for me :wink:

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