Birch Team is recruiting

Birch Team is looking for new members. We ve got 3 places and are looking for active players that can bring about 10 trophies per day. we are currently on 42 th place and want to go to the first ten. send your invite codes, we can remove unactive players and add You to our guild

Hey there! I’m interested in joining. I’m a very active player and see that you have an opening. Mind if I join?

sure thing, just back from holiday. leave your current guild and send me your invitation code.

can i ask for closing this topic?

Okay I left my guild! Just send me an invite :slight_smile: I hope you had a good vacation! And yeah I mean if you’re done with this topic, close it!

Also, I just realized I’ve never been invited to a guild before, so I have no idea what to look for lol does it come to me as a notification?