Birch Team Bis Now Recruiting! 10th XBOX ONE GUILD

Info about the guild:
-We are currently rank 10th in the league
-We are in the Champion league so you will receive 100% log-in bonus.
-7 days inactivity will get you kicked
-We complete tasks daily and work together as a team

We also have our own group on Facebook. Birch Team Bis, please search for it, and join.


I Wish You luck in recruiting :slight_smile:

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Already climbing the ranks by leaps and bounds.

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How big are the donations in general, and does it matter how we get the trophies ? some guilds insist on pvping

Hi, level 40 here. Just started playing for real about a week ago.

Is there still room in the guild for me? I was from an inactive guild, donated lots of gold there. I tend to spend most of my time doing PvP and at times doing the quests when I get tired of the PvP or after I have reached Level 1 in PvP.

My invite code: DREAMBRICKS


so do i need to exit my current guild before you can invite me?

is the fact that i m playing it on pc makes a difference?

ah i see. sorry to trouble u then. enjoy building the guild!

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Tried to send You Ragesaurus but he has choosen thieves. Sorry :slight_smile:


Hi, i would like to join. I just stated the game. Now I’m level 27.
I should be able to donate about 50k gold/50 trophies / week.


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I ve found new member… quite surprising one…
Invite Birch :slight_smile:
inv code: Birch
Dont worry, he is a laid back player now and dont want to be gm …

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Lol join if you want the messages to stop. C ’ Mon rookies, this is a great guild, you lose nothing by trying it out


Hey I’ll join. My girlfriend and I play a lot on the same account. My invite code is: CALLME12GAGE_GKYP. Hope to hear from you.

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I’m sorry I’m leader of a different guild so I can’t invite you to birch team bis @HKdirewolf I summon thee

However I did try to invite you when I got the email and you’re currently in a guild. You’ll have to leave your current one for him to send you an invite

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Yeah I just now left it.

Get back to your own recruitment thread!! :wink:

But yours is just so much more exciting

So is our guild. We might have an opening for ya.!?.!?