Thinking of starting a new guild for real dedicated players

me and the wife are looking to start a guild but need decent players to join we are both lvl 80ish and play every day with a lot to contribute would anyone be interested in joining our venture?? :smile:

If it’s anything like the ps4 side of the house, you’d probably be much better off joining a higher end more established guild. You’ll reap tons of rewards, and get nice mana mastery bonuses. That’s just my 2 cents. Good luck to yall either way.

join birch team if you want to fight for first place :slight_smile: we ve got few places for members open

Good luck for youre new guild.
There is many others guild here who search new active members (like me GT Zombie Ashe).
But if you want doing a new guild it’s not impossible. With 2 friend of me we have create our guild in January and we are 129 rank today.
Be strong and play again and again.