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Birch Team - fighting for number 1 in ranking (with style) - last place for hardcore players

Birch Team guild is recruiting!

We’re currently the 2nd in the leaderboard and still climbing with a +100 bonus to all masteries.

We’re looking for players who agree with these following rules:

  1. contribute at least 120 trophies and gold by week. It can be 50/70, 60/60, 100/20 etc…
  2. contribute good sense of humour
  3. cannot be inactive for more than 7 days (else have to inform us)
  4. be at least level 50
  5. sentinels should score at least 150 gold and trophies per week (+/- 10), majors - 120, captains 100
  6. private - if you are demoted to private you ve got 3 days to improve


  1. When You want go up in ranks You must score min req for that rank + 10
  2. If You dont want to be promoted it is enough to score min req - 10
  3. Newbies have 5 days to show if they are worthy :wink:

Leave Your name here we ll send invite
Thanks in advance

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code is Borlog just started a week ago, lvl60+ very active and contribute a lot of gold

We can t invite you cause you are already in other guild

oh my bad, was unaware of that, ill quit out of my current one right now

invite sent :slight_smile:

Bartezino 80lvl

does not exist. We gladly add ghost to our guild but he has to has a name :wink:

Hi my invite code is ANGELUSBOB PLS

Love this game and was disappointed with last guild as only I was donating out of 30 players

invite sent

you are already in guild we can t invite you

I have left the guild I was in pls try again.

Mabe it takes an hour or 2 before the system sees I am not in a guild.

Wait I just noticed its xbox one not iPad i will leave my current guild on xbox when I get home at around 9pm gmt

Never mind u can’t make the required amounts on xbox Thx anyways

“u can’t make the required amounts on xbox”


so after all u re not a cheesecake fan, yes? :):):slight_smile:

I would like to join. I m on the level 84, giving about 100 trophies per week and 30000 pieces of gold for guild. And , of course, I like cheesecake :wink:

there is no thing as too many players because if everyone donating there is always room for new blood, dont U know?

Ok I will send You an invite if I get Your invite code :slight_smile:

We still need a fresh blood. We are hitting 35 th place right now thanks to storm and borlog - our new guild members.
Dont be shy :smile: and join us