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Anyone want in ? level 31/32 ranked 300+

My guild ? currently ranked 300+ level 31 if i remember right. looking for players like my current roster who either contribute to guild tasks or earn a good amount of trophys we are semi try hard i guess i play many other games too but i get to rank 1 pvp weekly as do the core members of guild iv chucked around 750k gold into the guild alone so no using the guild in a selfish way will be tolerated cus im a bitch xD guild = “THE PINK” message me on xbox would be easier to get you in my gt = “Acid xxx” This is Xbox One i must stress xD

lol everyone hates the game huh xD

Better join Birch Team Ruby :slight_smile:There is little players like You and in my guild 50 trophies per week is enough :slight_smile:

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hey ruby im looking for better guild not used to donating alot but willing to learn my invite is wolf 27 gamertag tokingwolf71 if you communicate share some tips ill be willing to help ty

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I just joined a guild and helping to recruit were lvl 44 and ranked 219 be great if you guys joined :slight_smile:

You could always join us bro

im level 112 built guild but dont know what im doing on x1 wolf 27

lol only reason im still playing this game is because i feel bad for the few in my guild if i was to just vanish. i wont fold the guild

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Why not merge with us if thats the case all of you would be welcome :slight_smile:

P.s your posts you write on your xbox profile are hillarious lol

lol its all light hearted im just a dry so i offend some fk em they free to delete me :angel:

and what you say about merging is the exact same leaving my guild and folding it