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Hell's Satans new guild

I started a brand new guild. Need active players to join. I’m at level 390 and all my gold goes toward guild tasks at this point. I’m good for 50 trophies and 100,000 gold per week.

I’ve been in a couple of big guilds in the past month that benefitted me very little in guild task rewards, so I’m sick of wasting my time and resources for nothing. Lots of inactive players out there. Everyone is welcome as long as you contribute trophies and or gold. I will boot 14 day inactives.

Experienced players currently in dead guilds, come on in! Yeah, the masteries are low but they will rise, and if you are high level its not that big a deal anyway. The nice thing is the guild tasks are cheap right now, that means fast and furious rewards.

Hi, I am an active lv60 player who is now stuck in a dead guild.

I can do 20~40 trophies and 10,000 gold per week.

Please invite me, the code is: BIBOO.

Right on! I’m at work currently, I will invite later today.

Hey man, don’t forget to leave your other guild first. I just sent an invite but it was rejected because you are still currently in another guild. I’ll try again later.

Can I get an invite? I’m a new player (lv47), but I’m active daily. The guilds I join that don’t have invite requirements are all dead. I contributed 60 trophies and 8k gold to a dead group in my first 4 days, but I’d rather my contributions help people that are actually playing. The amount of gold I can contribute will probably ramp up quickly too.

code is: platinumpwnzor_myzx

(I left my dead group already)

sorry, i dont know i have to leave my guild first, i will do it tmr morning. please invite me again, my captain. :smiley:

I have left the guild, plz invite~

invite sent.

The guild is going good so far. We could still use some more active members. We are currently at Silver 2 rank 12. If you want to join us, please leave your invite code here!