Wolven Steel now recruiting!

If you want a laid back guild that likes to have fun and push our way to the top, join us! The minimum requirements will never be too much. This is a game built for fun, not a job. I am the guild leader and my promise to you is to always remain active. The guild will always be active. I created this guild yesterday and it already has 3 members. This is a call for aid. Let’s make this guild the best it can be! If you are interested post your invite code below, and let’s get this party started!

How many tasks are you completing each day? I’m in a guild that is only getting 1-2 tasks done a day and would like to find something more active. I just started a few weeks ago so trying to get all kingdom quests done and level kingdoms but I donate at least 5k if not 10k a week to guild progression. I would like to be in a group committed to getting 4-5 tasks done a day.

I’m in the process of building this guild from the ground up. I personally am completing that many tasks a day, but you understand they are smaller tasks. It won’t be the same when tasks cost 30-38k each. I need active members then this guild can move forward. I can tell you my focus is to get to the top of the leader-boards and get many tasks done daily…But you cannot expect people to put in more gold than you. 5-10k gold a day is not enough to be in the top guilds. That requires 50k gold a week. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile: If interested post inv code.

Sorry to seem elitist, and I’ll admit I’m new to the game and have a long way to go. Right now I’m in a guild that’s in the 80’s rank wise. I guess it’s frustrating to only get 12 glory key or 10 gems a day, maybe one of each on a good day. I have heard there are guilds that can accomplish those tasks 8-9 times a day but maybe that’s on PC or in a guild that I’m too low for. Anyway, it just gets frustrating to see people put money toward the map and souls tasks when they are not the only options available. I guess I’m just looking to get into a group that is more focused on the resources that yield the best results for each person, gems and keys. In order to get into, say, a top 25-30 guild do you have to contribute a lot a week?