DARKGUILD is looking for new members!

We want new guild members! We are ranked 169 but you can help us go further. We don’t have requirements that you’ll get kicked for if you don’t meet - just play regularly and contribute! If you are motivated to play and make progress, then we want you! Send your invite code to join up!

Do you play guild wars? I’m a very active player. Level 798. All my kingdoms are level 10, including the new urskaya, which allows me to contribute most of my gold to tasks. I have been Paragon in my guild every week, except one, since guild wars was released. My guild is bracket 12 at the moment, but overall, the guild I am in is steadily declining and losing momentum. It is time for me to move to a new guild, but I don’t want to make a backwards step. Even after spending the gold to level up my new kingdom I was able to contribute 402,797 gold this week. I always get my 1500 guild seals. I average 200-300 trophies per week. My current guild is level 117, ranking 196. Can you tell me about your guild?

Hi Gypsie,

Our guild has seen a handful of players drop off lately. I’d say right now we have about 20 or so members, and of that number I’d say 10 to 15 of us are really active. I’d like to see that number increase, but I’m also a person with a full life offline and I understand that other people have lives too. That’s why it’s important to me for the guild not to be about how much a member contributes, but that they contribute at all. I’d rather have people who play consistently and only contribute half the max seals for the week then have someone come in, max it out for 3 weeks and then complain that other members weren’t pulling their weight and leave for another guild. Plus, I just want to have a comfortable, friendly environment for players and I’m glad to say that so far, we have managed that. So, if any of this appeals to you then please, join us! If not, then good luck and happy gaming!

(Sorry to take so long to respond)

Hi there,

Could you add me and my friend? We’ve been looking for a new guild, since most of ours were IRL players who just stopped with the game altogether. So we are the only ones active. His Invite code is DUKE_13, hes a higher level than me (around the 300 i believe) and plays much more. Mine is ZATARRA, around lvl 85, and more of a casual player. We have never really done guild wars before though we are definitely interested in participating.


Hi Zatarra,
It would be great to have you guys join us. But you need to leave your old guild before we can send an invite. (I’m also in DARKGUILD).

whoops, ill tell him now. We figured we could just grab a new invite and go from there.

sorry bout that. I gotta get back to my xbox to do it.

should be all set now

We’re still on the hunt for players!


Hi there,

I’m quite new in the game but i’m looking for an active guild. i’m level 145, with 2 or 3 kingdom 10, i’m upgrading them so i can’t contribute that much, but last week, i gave 100K, i’ve done my 1500 seals, and i got 500 trophies, so i’m helping the best i can. if you want to know me a bit more, add me :blush:
see you in the game

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I can relate to leveling kingdoms. PM me your invite code and I’ll add you!

Hello, I’m looking for a guild, lvl 110, still working on leveling kingdoms but I can contribute to seals and trophys. May I join? Invite code Rolfalexander_x4sm

Welcome aboard, Rolf! I’ll get you added this evening.

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