Possibly looking for a change

I’m currently in a guild however not everyone is contributing. I am fairly new however I get my seals a week and contribute what I can. I just want equal players and not a lot of crap. Any suggestions?

I have a guild of just me looking to build it up. I hit my seals every week and have it up to Silver one by myself.


What is equal? Do you play guild wars?

Siedlerpartie, rank 125, gw bracket 7 is looking for one player.

EDIT: forget it, just read Xbox - we are pc/mobile

I’m def. Interested. I hit my seals every week. Trying to rank my kingdoms
now which u know takes a crap load of money. I got a couple good players
who are all doing the same we just want people to contribute and actually
play. Our current guild has about 10 ppl of dead weight they do nothing.

I can send an invite if you wish. I’ve gotten guild to level 17 on my own. Rank 5082 but climbing :smiley: I do my guild wars everyday. So if that’s what you are looking for let’s build up :smiley:

Why do you even have dead weight players ? Just get rid of them. No need for an explanation either. Just kick them.

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Not my Guild…and most everyone in this guild has been playing together
for years. I get it…but then again I dont. I mean don’t get me wrong I
don’t want a guild I am having to work as a full time job I like other
games and have a life. However I would like people to contribute and see
what it’s actually like to have a guild as a whole do their thing

If you want i can send you an invite to black lung. We are new but slowly growing. Guild war participation is required.

Have you found a guild yet

We have a new Guild. Started at 25000 now we are ranked 124. If you decide
you want in. Have a great group we all contribute.

Have you found a guild that will help you and welcome you?

We started our own guild…but thank you. It’s been a battle bit we started at Rank 25,000 or so and are now at 110…keep g motivated people is tough. We have great guild mates and then those that just want to collect so weeding out is a constant! Happy Geming!

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