Looking for a high contributing guild

Hi all,

I’m looking to join a higher contributing guild. I have all my kingdoms to level 10 and am active in guild wars. I easily hit the 1,500 seal mark each week and add a lot of gold and trophies to my current team. I feel like I would be better for a high contributing team. Are there any teams out there that already have a bunch of high contributing players looking for an additional high contributor?


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My guild is recruiting players who will contribute. If you would like to check it out, I would love to invite you

Out of the 30, at least 24 or 25 contribute and I’m looking to replace them but for the most part, yes we do our best. It’s a relaxed guild so just do what you can but we are trying to get better

What guild rank is your guild? Do you all complete tasks each week? How many seals does your guild get each week? @MalteseShadow

Well as of last night, my guild rank was 632 and I’m confident we will be under 600. A lot of us contribute and I have a lot of players who do their best. Total seals, we have reached up to 25,000. It’s a new guild. Only a month old and we’ve grown quickly. I have a few players I’m booting because they’ve stopped, which is why I’m looking for more active players. As far as tasks, again, it’s gettin better. I’m hoping to get more players and make this guild a serious contender

I appreciate the invite but the guild I’m currently in is ranked higher than that (around 200) so I will pass on the offer. Good luck to you and your guild!

I don’t wanna brag too much, but my guild is currently ranked at 3017. I know its like super impressive. All six of us have donated around 200,000 gold this week. So you could say we are pretty legit.

But seriously, best of luck in finding a guild right for you. If you wanna play with us in my silly little guild, you’re more than welcome.

Monkey punch baby, that kinda sounds like sarcasm…lol. If there are 6 of you that contribute that much, pretty sure my guild would rank top 100 real quick. Rank 3017 doesn’t sound too good…lol. Not to be a dick or anything so please don’t take it like that. Just an offer. My guild is gettin better every week and @Datslayer, all good man. If ya change your mind, I’ll be more than happy to throw you an invite. Happy gem’n

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Its sarcasm, I may have been unclear, we have collectively donated 200,000 not each haha. Our little group is made up entirely of friends of mine and one random person who didn’t have a guild in PvP we are looking to add more folks, but I think hardcore players would be disappointed in us haha

Haha…I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore player and I just started my guild maybe just over a month ago and it’s tough to find a lot of active players. I just want to find some to help contribute gold and win us trophies to make us better. I don’t wanna make ya break up your guild of friends but if you guys ever decide ya want more and can’t find more players, I’ll be happy to make some room for ya

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That’s awesome! If my friends get burnt out on the game I may do that. My guild shares a name with my little production company so I’m a bit attached to it haha

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Haha…I hear ya. Understandable. I was sick of trying to find a guild to be a part of and decided I was gonna challenge everyone and so far, goin well. Haha. I’m always on here lookin for recruits now so hit me up any time man

I was in the same boat. I think I joined one or two, but nothing ever happened with them. So i made mine and talked my friends into playing the game with me haha. Are you on your own in there?

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My girlfriend joined and a friend of hers is in here. I recruited a player who’s almost at level 1000 and contributes a lot and I’m hoping I can find people to at least put in between 50-100k. I don’t think it’s much but a few of us usually hit 300k or more. Been tryin to get a couple of my friends on here but they’re being douches right now…lol

Well right now I’ve donated 76k, gf 24k, random guy 46k, friend 38k and then my son and best friend have done 26k combined this week. We do what we can. I wish I wasn’t married to my guild so I could join yours or had a better pitch to get yall in mine haha

Haha…it’s all good man. I’d love to have your numbers in mine, would be helpful. It’s a relaxed guild so I’m not gonna press everyone to hit a certain requirement. But we do what we can. Maybe one day we can figure somethin out…lol

You can easily leave your guild and join most top100 guilds without invitation. I would say only the Top30 +some well organised other guilds are really recruiting players. I was in the guild on Rank 49 and one of the most active players without invitation. So i started to search in the Clubs section of Xbox Live and got inivited by a top30 guild. I dont know if we have a free spot. Only my guildmaster Gamertag “bieralle” could tell you. Maybe you send him a message on XBL for info.

When not interested, with 1500 seals and some 100’s k gold each week you can even be a member of a Top10 guild. I recommend to use the Xbox Club Section for a search.

This is a great suggestion. Thanks!

We have an open spot right now. Guild rank 26 and all contribute from 100k to 1,5mil every week. Contact bieralle for more Info! Its a very friendly guild! :slight_smile:

I just left an inactive guild ,i play daily for an hour so.would love to join . BLUNT_QWXG thanks