Rank # 7 DARKHEAVEN is recruiting

DARKHEAVEN is recruiting active players on Xbox One

Currently ranked # 7 in top guilds.

They are international on members.

Just need you to send your invite code / gamertag to Syrarthas in-game.
The guildmaster is Spanish speaking so you might want to consider that before your interest with that guild.

  • I am no longer in that guild so I do not feel comfortable recruiting for it.
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Hey there! I am an active daily player and contribute the most in my Guild. I am not level 300 (Level 123), but I have all 26 kingdoms owned, and have 4,200 Seals I am striving to complete all Guild Tasks in one week, I play Ranked matches each day in PvP and Guild Wars, and always have over $150K in gold that I contribute to tasks and earning Seals. My gamertag is IXx K Star xXI in case you are interested.
Let me know! Thanks!

Darkheaven started as a European guild run by Spanish speaking players who now after 500 days are burnt out on the game and do not play anymore. They quit, leaving us 9 members down at a rank 6 guild and that hurts us some. So we are looking for active players that have enthusiasm for the game. We could almost merge in a starter guild and offer them higher rank with all the bells and whistles. So even if you are not level 300 yet, we can get you there, you just need to enjoy the game. Bring your friends with you for the ride. All are welcomed.

This is what I am looking for!!! I just left my Guild! My invite code is: KRISTINA_WGV4 and gamertag is IXx K Star xXI


They want to rebuild with active players, but here’s the thing - with an inactive Spanish speaking guildmaster it has been hard to recruit, they want to merge a fresh group in to revitalize the guild and keep top ranking. I see though that you found a fit for your playing needs. It is doesn’t work out message Syrarthas in game. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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It’s always hard to rebuild a guild. You should try recruiting active players and not worry about their levels. It’s these players who will eventually become the backbone of your guild.

Encourage new players to level their kingdoms first and gold will flow in after that.

Good luck!


Thanks Manly. Syrarthas does not speak English so I have been trying to help him rebuild.

Still spots in Darkheaven for active players, still ranked #6. They are atop guild that was once at #1, but many players just burned out after a year of playing. There are still alot of high levels playing actively. Come join and help Syrarthas rebuild.

I wish you good luck in your rebuilt process guys and i hope can enjoy the game again